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Taste of Redland

Taste of Redland spearheads locavore movement in Miami

Merriam Webster defines locavore as one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible.

Are you a locavore? Get a Taste of Redland!!

We aim to further connect South Florida residents and visitors to one of the state’s most exciting agriculture and agritourism destinations in the country and encourage everyone to support our farming community by buying locally grown produce.

Redland, in the heart Miami-Dade County, is a vibrant agricultural community and one of the largest producers of specialty crops in the nation. Redland is also an amazing and largely undiscovered agritourism destination. Where else can you pick fresh strawberries in the field, eat a lychee off the tree, devour fresh-picked tomatoes and avocados, take an airboat ride, skydive, pet tigers on a wildlife conservation, fly glider planes, have monkeys sit on your shoulder, taste locally brewed beers and wines at the southernmost winery in the US, see world class Nascar racing, ride electric bikes into the middle of the Everglades on over 150 miles of trails…the list goes on. And yet so many people, even South Florida residents, are unfamiliar with what grows and the myriad activities available just a few minutes from downtown Miami.

Taste of Redland is a group of farmers, entrepreneurs and event specialists that wants everyone to become a locavore! By drawing from our 2200 acres of farmland and servicing more than 260 partner farms, we look to accomplish our goal, as a community effort, with two clear objectives. First, introduce everyone in South Florida to their local farming community in Redland via free next-day delivery of locally grown fresh produce. Second, invite South Florida residents and visitors to discover the extraordinary farms and venues throughout the region by participating in Taste of Redland programs and events. Redland is full of wonderful surprises that you never imagined would be part of your South Florida journey! 


Taste of Redland’s easy ordering system and free next-day delivery service allows everyone—including local residents, tourists at hotels and chefs throughout the state—to enjoy the unforgettable flavors of Redland-Raised and Fresh from Florida just-picked fruits and vegetables—delivered straight to your door!

Our process is simple. You place your order at tasteofredland.com. The following day we pick, pack and then ship it for free next-day delivery (within Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe and Palm Beach counties. Free 2-day delivery offered in the rest of Florida). Explore tasteofredland.com to see when your favorite fruits and vegetables are in season. Challenge yourself to become a locavore and try locally grown exotic products that you’ve never tasted!

Whether you’re a chef in Palm Beach, a tourist in Key West, visiting Disney World, living in Tampa, on Brickell Avenue, sunning in South Beach or beachside on Amelia Island, once you taste fresh-picked produce directly from a farm in Redland, you'll never settle for anything less! 


Taste of Redland is also harnessing the momentum of the Miami Locavore Movement to organize agritourism events throughout Redland.

The Taste of Redland Locavore Culinary Series launches in 2018 and will run November through May each year. These one-of-a-kind outdoor culinary events will be hosted on beautiful farms and in some of the most breathtaking venues, to include historic estates and private homes with cascading waterfalls and even one of the largest Banyan trees in the world! Our invited Chef teams will prepare your meals in open-air kitchens and each will feature Redland-Raised fresh-from-the-garden produce, exotic local treats and Fresh-from-Florida proteins.

These straight-from-the-vine culinary experiences will include exquisite meals, wine, and even optional boxes of the same fresh-picked produce used in the menus to take home with you. Make new friends as you dine al fresco at community tables, serenaded by world-class musicians, and learn about the Miami Locavore Movement.

We are thrilled to collaborate with some of South Florida's finest and dedicated community leaders. The Locavore Culinary Series will be helmed by Steve Haas, along with Suzanne Pallot and Louis Canales heading up our event division. We are grateful to the teams of legendary chefs and talented professionals who will bring our unique culinary gatherings to life.

The entire Taste of Redland team is honored to receive support from many of the pioneers and leaders in Redland who have worked tirelessly to make the community the gem that it is today. We are humbled to be part of such a vibrant and exciting time in Redland.

Please contact info@tasteofredland.com to receive ticket information for the Locavore Culinary Series and group transportation availabilities.

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Miami Spice would not be possible without the support of our sponsors.
Find out more about the companies who are sponsoring this year's Miami Spice.